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7 thoughts on “Airman Magazine Comment Policy

  1. Where can someone find back issues prior to 2011. There were decades of great stories. Reading and seeing those stories gives perspective to today’s world.

  2. does anybody know what happened to the 931st acw outfit on p mountain? i was there in 1958

  3. I served in Vietnam and am participating in putting together a book on women veterans of Vietnam. Are there restrictions on using pictures and articles from 1960 era The Airman magazine?

    • All photos and stories produced for Airman magazine are public domain, so there are no restrictions on their use. Good luck on your boob!

  4. I am a retired USAF member who is a stroke survivor since 9 months after I retired. I am sure the Strickland Decision is right for me. I am 100% disabled. If someone could help me it sure would be appreciated. Thank You!!!!

  5. can anyone at the airman magazine offices tell me how i can get to the archives of the
    magazine to get the first airman printed???