Side by Side

Reserve and Guard security forces, rescue Airmen train together

by Staff Sgt. Daniel Delgado, 304th Rescue Squadron Public Affairs

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Air Force Reserve and Guard Airmen from the 304th Rescue Squadron and 142nd Security Forces Squadron recently tested their abilities to provide security and combat search and rescue during their third annual field training exercise in Riley, Ore. The 304th Rescue Squadron is a geographically separated unit of the 920th Rescue Wing, Patrick Air Force Base, Fla., while the 142nd SFS is part of the Air National Guard 142nd Fighter Wing. The units are collocated at Portland International Airport, Ore.

A small campground in Riley, a small farming and ranching community 250 miles north of Portland, served as a forward operating base for the exercise. Much of the training was conducted at night in dark, freezing temperatures to simulate the adverse conditions these Airmen may face in a combat environment. The exercise tested the units’ abilities and strengthened their capabilities in a real-world environment.

6 thoughts on “Side by Side

  1. @Matt-DOD still does not permit women to hold the AFSC of a Pararescumen. Women might be in the Sqdrn, but they are not PJs. Side note, 250 miles north of Portland is almost Canada. The article should say 250 miles south east of Portland.

  2. Great photo essay and I give credit on what pararesumen have to do to save lives. Good seeing guard and reserve working together.