Cooking With Heart

Air Force cook dedicated to feeding Airmen

By Staff Sgt. Christopher Griffin, 1st Combat Camera Squadron


Airman 1st Class Len Salisbury’s passion for cooking came years before he first donned his Air Force uniform.

Now, as an Air Force cook responsible for feeding hundreds of Airmen in the dining facility, Len’s love for the culinary art helps keep Airmen happy and well fed at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C.

4 thoughts on “Cooking With Heart

  1. My favorite job in the Air Force! I was an Admin Specialist for 22 years, and finally got my dream job iin services my last 12 years in the force.Loved it and making the food taste and look good. Means a lot when there not another resturant down the street!

  2. It’s so nice to see a person that takes pride in their job. Keep up the great work, A1C Salisbury. You are going to go far and do great things!!! I hope I have the privilege of eating in your dining facility one day.

  3. Such humbleness, he’s on the way to being a great chef. I would love to try that chicken sandwich!!