PJ Heaven

Pararescuemen embrace Alaska’s search and rescue mission

Pararescuemen are fearless, heroic and highly trained and versatile personnel recovery specialists who will do whatever it takes to save a person’s life. These courageous Airmen are trained in emergency medical tactics as well as combat and survival skills to complete the most extreme rescue missions across the world.
They not only have a taste for danger but also the skill set to parachute, scuba dive, rock climb or even snowmobile into hostile territory to get a wounded Airman out. To be on call 24 hours a day, the life of a pararescueman is not just a career—it’s a higher calling.

One thought on “PJ Heaven

  1. “That others may live” It takes a special type of person to insert themselves into a “hot spot” surrounded by the bad guys to make a pick up of an another. They truly display their motto in every way. The PJ’s made many pick ups in the jungles of Vietnam when the downed airman was surrounded by the enemy. Truly some of the services best. Salutes to them and their families.