U.S. Air Force operations

  • Forecasting Success

    From flying operations to special tactics missions to deciding whether or not to wear a jacket with a uniform, weather plays a large role in everyday activities around the Air Force. “In military operations, weather is the first step in planning and the final determining factor in the execution of any mission,” said Gen. Carl […]

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  • Citizen Cyber

    See more Citizen Cyber photos on Flickr Embracing rapid continuous change in the cyber environment and having the willingness to consider new ideas in organization, procurement and operations, regardless how “out of the box,” are key to the Air Force’s advancement in the cyber realm, according to Adm. Michael Rogers, U.S. Cyber Command commander, National […]

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  • Care in the Air

    See more Care in the Air photos on Flickr At 1420, Jan 29, 2018, the situation aboard a C-130H, configured for Aeromedical Evacuation and cruising at 20,000 feet was uneventful. The two teams, each comprised of two flight nurses and three technicians, attended to their six patients varying needs in the dim green glow of […]

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  • Initial Defense

    See more Initial Defense photos on Flickr In an austere location on the other side of globe, unrest breaks out between rival factions and the situation quickly becomes hostile. The U.S. Air Force and its Global Response Force squadrons are called into action. In less than 96 hours, more than 40 uniquely trained Airmen parachute […]

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  • MAFFS Activate

    See more MAFFS photos on Flickr Staff Sgt. Timothy Dawson was trying to get some rest before work the next day. The phone rang twice before he answered it. His neighbor, who lives just above his apartment complex on the hill, told him the fire was really close and they were evacuating. That neighbor was […]

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  • The State of U.S. Strategic Command

    See more USSTRATCOM photos on Flickr We interviewed Gen. John E. Hyten, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, on Dec. 12, 2017, at USSTRATCOM headquarters, Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. What is the status of STRATCOM [U.S. Strategic Command]? The status of U.S. Strategic Command? Really, when you look at the changes that have happened over […]

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  • Where the Sun Never Sets

    Minutes pass like hours as a ski-equipped C-130 sits on a makeshift snow runway while supplies are unloaded at a remote outpost in Antarctica. The crew keeps the engines running for fear they won’t restart in the frigid environment. The flight engineer eyes the clock as the time-on-ground limit nears in order to avoid the […]

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  • Pocketsize Multiplier

    See more ‘Pocketsize Multiplier’ photos on Flickr Tech. Sgt. Jesse Sosa hits the mat with a loud thud as he demonstrates a proper fall technique to a group of four Ravens of the 811th Security Force Squadron at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. Dressed in a gi with a purple belt, the flight crew chief with […]

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  • A View from the Pacific

    See more PACAF photos on Flickr We interviewed Gen. Terrence John O’Shaughnessy, Pacific Air Forces Commander and Air Component Commander for PACOM, on Sept. 15, 2017, one day after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan. Airman Magazine: You’ve spent a lot of time at PACAF, from what I can tell. How has that […]

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  • Optimizing the Data Loop

    See more Data Loop photos on Flickr Col. John Boyd, an Air Force fighter pilot and military theorist, put forward the key concept of aerial combat known as the Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action (OODA) loop. Within this theory, the key adversary is not the capabilities of the opposing pilot or his aircraft, but time. He […]

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