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Research and technology advancing the U.S. Air Force and enhancing capabilities

  • Higher Ground

    See more “AFOTEC Approved” photos on Flickr Sun Tzu advised in The Art of War, “When the enemy occupies high ground, do not confront him.” This is why, since the advent of flight, all battlefield commanders have sought to control the airspace above the battlefield – the “ground” above the high ground. Control of the […]

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  • Global Already There

    See more “AFOTEC Approved” photos on Flickr During the Soviet Union’s blockade of West Berlin from June 24, 1948 to May 11, 1949, the newly created U.S. Air Force, not even a year old, executed its first major air mobility mission. U.S. transport planes, along with Royal Air Force and British civil transport aircraft, delivered […]

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  • Polar airlift

    See more “Polar Airlift” photos on Flickr Pole to pole. These three words are the motto of the 109th Airlift Wing –at Stratton Air National Guard Base in Scotia, New York – and though short, it is an accurate synopsis of the unit’s mission. “We fly missions to Greenland, which is near the North Pole, […]

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  • An Innovative Collaborative

    On any given day, the person next to you in the coffee shop, restaurant or bookstore could be a hacker. Not the scary kind of hacker—frequently popularized by movies and the media—but the hackers who are out to do good in a big way. They may be helping the government find and prevent cyber vulnerabilities, […]

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  • Battlefield Game Changer

    See more “Battlefield Game Changer” photos on Flickr Central Florida The era of drone warfare is in full force; embrace the concept and unveil its multifaceted advantages, oppose the concept and watch the adversary swiftly frustrate, compromise, and shape the battlefield. The technology has come a long way from loading unmanned balloons with explosives and […]

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  • The Night Watchmen

    With civilization in the rear view mirror, the long road leading to a relatively unknown compound appears to never end. The seemingly infinite landscape, nearly untouched by human hands, is all that fills the eye. The setting sun and emergence of the night sky signals the beginning of a mission for a select group of […]

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  • Priority Maintenance

    See more “Priority Maintenance” photos on Flickr When Tech. Sgt. Chris Ferrell was home from deployment he would sit in his family room in the wee hours of the morning, watching TV with his friend, Tech. Sgt. Tony Campbell, who was sprawled out in the recliner next to him. He didn’t talk to Tony. Ever. […]

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  • Charged Up

    See more “Charged Up” photos on Flickr By Tech. Sgt. Brandon Shapiro “So what you are telling me is, if I hook up these two electrodes to my head and let you transmit electricity through my brain, I can enhance my ability to play Call of Duty?” I ask Dr. Andy McKinley, who had two […]

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  • Partners in Sight

    It’s a humid summer morning in Santiago de Veraguas, Republic of Panama. It’s just 8:00 a.m., but the sun is already blinding. With his daughter, Mariyloy, guiding him, Eduardo Barrera walks into the Centro Hopitalario Luis “Chicho” Fabrega. He’s nervous to hear the results of the cataract surgery performed on his left eye the previous […]

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  • Capturing Space

    Air Force Space Surveillance System tracks satellites, provides data to researchers

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