Training schools, excercises and efforts in the U.S. Air Force

  • Byte-size Learning

    Since before cyber was even called cyber, the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio has been the center of gravity for research and education about warfare within the digital realm. Ironically, that education in operating on the digital battlefield has largely been administered within a brick and mortar schoolhouse. […]

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  • No detail too small

    You’re sitting in a pizzeria enjoying a slice with aromas of melting mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and pizza dough baking in the wood-fired oven filling the air. Then, the sound of tires skidding to a halt outside is quickly followed by two men barging through the front door, firing a pistol into the ceiling and […]

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  • Care in the Air

    See more Care in the Air photos on Flickr At 1420, Jan 29, 2018, the situation aboard a C-130H, configured for Aeromedical Evacuation and cruising at 20,000 feet was uneventful. The two teams, each comprised of two flight nurses and three technicians, attended to their six patients varying needs in the dim green glow of […]

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  • Initial Defense

    See more Initial Defense photos on Flickr In an austere location on the other side of globe, unrest breaks out between rival factions and the situation quickly becomes hostile. The U.S. Air Force and its Global Response Force squadrons are called into action. In less than 96 hours, more than 40 uniquely trained Airmen parachute […]

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  • Firing up the Force

    Sitting in his office at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Master Sgt. Christopher Dooley’s ears perk up, his heart pounds faster and the adrenalin begins to rush as a fire truck races across the academy’s grounds, its sirens and horns filling his office with a familiar echo. A 17-year firefighter, Dooley’s […]

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  • Providing Reinforcement

    See more ‘Providing Reinforcement’ photos on Flickr More than 1500 service members have lost limbs in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001. For those faced with this traumatic injury, the Department of Defense medical system has adapted in the last 20 years to speed up the recovery process and improve prosthetics. “Our patients […]

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  • Orbital Airmen

    See more “Orbital Airmen” photos on Flickr On the rare instances when Col. Tyler N. “Nick” Hague returns from a day at the office and walks through the door of his own home, the oldest of his two boys occasionally asks, “Daddy, were you in space today?” Not such a childish question when you consider […]

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  • Top Guns

    See more “Capturing Space” photos on Flickr Next-generation fighter jets, simulated aerial combat and some of the best pilots from the U.S., British and French air forces – no, this isn’t a scene from the next Hollywood blockbuster. It’s the latest combined exercise testing pilots’ ability to operate, communicate and dominate in a combat environment. […]

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  • Partners in Sight

    It’s a humid summer morning in Santiago de Veraguas, Republic of Panama. It’s just 8:00 a.m., but the sun is already blinding. With his daughter, Mariyloy, guiding him, Eduardo Barrera walks into the Centro Hopitalario Luis “Chicho” Fabrega. He’s nervous to hear the results of the cataract surgery performed on his left eye the previous […]

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  • Cadet Falconers Take Flight

    See more “Cadet Falconers” photos on Flickr With more than 30,000 screaming fans in attendance and all eyes on her, Cadet First Class Jensen Caster walks across the U.S. Air Force Academy’s football field at half time and makes her way to the fifty-yard line. She’s ready for her moment. It’s been three years in […]

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