Airman Aerials

Airman Aerials Airman Aerials

Avoiding The Last Step

Avoiding The Last Step Avoiding The Last Step

Embrace the Paste

Embrace the Paste Embrace the Paste

Boiling Point

Boiling Point Boiling Point

Original AF One

Original AF One Original AF One

Arctic Vigil

Arctic Vigil Arctic Vigil

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The first aircraft to carry the callsign "Air Force One", a Lockheed Constellation which flew President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953-1954, returned to flight on March 19, 2016, taking off from Marana airport in Marana, Arizona.

Original AF One

Plane That Once Flew Eisenhower Is Being Restored To 1950s Condition

Airman Visuals


House of Pain

Security forces members experience intense training to earn their number as Phoenix Ravens

2 May 2016
Maj. Ethan Sabin, who has 10 years experience flying the A-10 Thunderbolt II, is now at the forefront of testing the capabilities of the Air Force’s newest and most technologically advanced fighter: the F-35. As for the perceived feud between proponents of the A-10 and the F-35, he believes the two platforms are not competitors, but are complimentary, with the F-35’s ability to collect battlespace data and share it with legacy aircraft making the entire force more lethal. (U.S. Air Force photo/J.M. Eddins Jr.)

The Perfect Storm

‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’ strike during joint aerial tests

4 April 2016