MQ-1 Predator

MQ-1 Predator

  • Airman Aerials

    Since its early days as a service, the Air Force has embraced technological advances in air and space capabilities and played an integral role as a global airpower. Airman Magazine regularly updates Airman Aerials, a photographic art gallery, featuring some of the best aerial photography from around the service in recent history. See more Aerial […]

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  • Daily Deployed

    See more “Daily Deployed” photos on Flickr After working the night shift as a newly arrived remotely piloted aircraft pilot at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, Maj. Jeremy slept on a mattress that snugly fit in his closet. He resorted to the unusual sleeping arrangement to get the rest he needed during the day as […]

    Airman Magazine No responses November 8, 2016