U-2 Dragon Lady

U-2 Dragon Lady

  • Airman Aerials

    Since its early days as a service, the Air Force has embraced technological advances in air and space capabilities and played an integral role as a global airpower. Airman Magazine regularly updates Airman Aerials, a photographic art gallery, featuring some of the best aerial photography from around the service in recent history. See more Aerial […]

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  • The Agile 99th

    Weight was the issue. The B-25B, carrying a full combat load, was just too heavy to takeoff from the deck of the USS Hornet. While the nation was still reeling in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Gen. Henry “Hap” Arnold, Chief of Staff of the Army Air Force, assigned Lt. Col. James […]

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  • The Flying First

    The young pilot struggled against dust and wind that swirled 10,000 feet above valleys sandwiched between Mexico’s Sierra Madre mountains. He had only a rudimentary pair of plain glass goggles to protect his face. Yet he was determined to find the trail of the rebel bandit Pancho Villa who had recently led a raid into […]

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  • Airframe: The U-2 Dragon Lady

    See more U-2 photos on Flickr The U-2S is a high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft providing signals and imagery intelligence and has the ability to detect radar, acoustic, nuclear, chemical and biological signatures. The plane’s long, high-profile wings give the U-2 glider-like flight while the fuel-efficient engine eliminated the need for aerial refueling on long […]

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  • 3-2-1 Contact

    Three decades of experience in defense-connected leadership taught Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James that face-to-face engagement is the best way to get the pulse of an organization. As the Air Force’s department head, direct contact has become the center of the secretary’s three-prong communication process: visiting bases around the world to gather […]

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