An SR-71 is shown in flight with an experimental test fixture mounted on the back of the airplane in 1999.

The Blackbird

17 July 2014

SR-71 remains fastest, highest-flying manned aircraft

For security forces members, working in the marine patrol flight requires a separate screening process.

Water Police

7 July 2014

'Macdill's Navy' monitors restricted waters surrounding the base

Senior Airman Joseph Collett, a survival, evasion, resistance and escape instructor, at Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash.

The Perfect Edge

2 July 2014

Training teaches Airmen how to survive, evade, resist and escape

Staff Sgt. Brett Wilson a 212th Rescue Squadron pararescuema, slowly raises a simulated injured hiker closer to the top of a cliff during a high angle rescue training mission in the mountains outside of Anchorage, Alaska.

PJ Heaven

16 June 2014

Pararescuemen embrace Alaska’s search and rescue mission