AC-130U Gunship

The Path

4 August 2015

How one female special ops navigator cleared the path dozens now fly

11 Davis brothers have served with 164 years of dedicatedarmed service.

Military Brothers

27 July 2015

Eleven brothers in one family choose military careers, three choose AF

Mr. Bobby Pierce, 437th Aircrew Flight Equipment Squadron, Joint-Base Charleston, S.C., repairman, performs pull-ups during his lunch workout routine, Feb. 28, 2015.

‘Mr. P’

22 June 2015

At 80, supervisor remains the backbone of one of service’s largest C-17 fabrication shops


Horseback Security

8 June 2015

AF’s only active horse patrol helps protect Vandenberg’s humans and wildlife

Col. (ret.) Jerry Hoblit and Lt. Col. (ret.) Fred Hoblit march behind their late father, Col. Noel Elmer Hoblit during a funeral on May 21, 2015 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Finally Home

24 May 2015

Air Force dentist buried at Arlington National Cemetery after missing 63 years