After emerging from the dense Hawaiian jungle, Senior Master Sgt. Kenneth Huhman prepares to lead a second team of combat controllers through the same rigorous 24-hour jungle warfare training exercise.

The Human Weapon

2 September 2014

Performance Program grows stronger, healthier operators

An SR-71 is shown in flight with an experimental test fixture mounted on the back of the airplane in 1999.

The Blackbird

17 July 2014

SR-71 remains fastest, highest-flying manned aircraft

For security forces members, working in the marine patrol flight requires a separate screening process.

Water Police

7 July 2014

'Macdill's Navy' monitors restricted waters surrounding the base

Senior Airman Joshua McKelvey, a fuels lab technician, conducts fuels testing for dryness, cleanliness and suitability for use. It is important to keep the fuel free of contaminants including water, which can be deadly because it freezes at high altitudes. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Bennie J. Davis III)

Every Drop Counts

28 October 2013

Amid rising costs, Air Force seeks to conserve fuel consumption