A MQ-9 Reaper assigned to the 432nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron remains ready for its next mission at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada.

Daily Deployed

6 July 2015

RPA crewmembers prepare to fight each day they arrive for duty

Tech Sgt. Benjamin Hawkingson checks and compares the direction of the compass to the magnetic calibration of the Raven unmanned aerial vehicle prior to flight.

Bird’s Eye View

15 June 2015

Raven patrols skies above Vandenberg to help protect space launches


Horseback Security

8 June 2015

AF’s only active horse patrol helps protect Vandenberg’s humans and wildlife

Col. (ret.) Jerry Hoblit and Lt. Col. (ret.) Fred Hoblit march behind their late father, Col. Noel Elmer Hoblit during a funeral on May 21, 2015 at Arlington National Cemetery.

Finally Home

24 May 2015

Air Force dentist buried at Arlington National Cemetery after missing 63 years

After unloading a C-5M Galaxy of its cargo, Master Sgt. Marc Gonsalves participates in configuring the aircraft for download of cargo at Dover Air Force Base, Del. As a C-5 normally sits, it’s too high to up or download cargo.

Taking a load off

11 May 2015

Loadmasters travel the globe delivering troops, cargo wherever needed